Philip and Kate would like to welcome you to the Brockton golf breaks.

The east coast has some fantastic golf courses ideal for long or short stays, So what makes us different to the other hotels offering golfing breaks?

Well we offer the east coast golfing passport but so does everyone else. So we decided to do 2 things different, the first is if you buy the passport holiday from us we will arrange everything, your accommodation with us and you decide which golf courses you want on the passport and we will do our best to arrange it on the times and places you choose we will do all this at no extra cost to you.

For example

A 3 rounds passport if you bought it direct it would cost you £63 per person then you would have to arrange which courses you play yourself. We will purchase the passport for you and arrange all the golf at a cost of £63 per person so no extra cost.

The other thing we do is we offer an extensive list of 25 courses that others don’t offer. So you could play say Pocklington on Thursday and Hessle on Friday you can decide on the courses you wish to play, email or call us with your choices and we will try our best to make your holiday a reality.

We will contact the courses and get a quote for the golf and times you can play, we will then email or phone you with the details. You will pay what we pay for the golf and no extra. So the total cost of our golfing package could be, 2 nights B&B and the golfing passport for just £137 per person.

We cater for small parties of 1 or 2 people up to groups of 20 we look forward to hearing from you and it will be a pleasure to make your golfing holiday dream a reality.